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We help eCom brands scale
to eight figures and beyond.
Paid ads & ad creative production for 7- and 8-figure DTC brands.
"Super reliable and efficient with very good results. Thanks to Levi for the great collaboration. Everything I could have wished for."
Juliana Holtzheimer
Co-Founder & CEO Jan 'n June GmbH
"It was important to me that I could trust the people I was working with and that was absolutely given! Great communication, a lively exchange and everything is very transparent. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!"
Carl Warkentin
CEO Monaco Ducks
Hi, my name is Levi 👋
I help eCommerce entrepreneurs maximise revenue growth and profitability.
My speciality is performance-driven social media advertising for multi 7- and 8-figure DTC brands. Whether as an external consultant or integrated into your team: I support your company in growing profitably and maintaining an 8-figure revenue level with very high profit margins.
Everything from ad tracking to 100% accuracy better than before iOS 14, to the competences of ad scaling, ad creative production and building inhouse systems - let's have a chat and see what your business currently needs.
Paid Ads Tracking & Attribution
Implementing our tech stack gives you back 100% data accuracy seeing exactly what works, empowering you to scale the right campaigns at the right time.
Ad Creative Production At Scale
Building an in-house system that generates a high volume of fresh video ad creatives every week by leveraging content creators and high-performing ad scripts.
Business Systems & Processes
Systemizing your business, defining clear roles and processes that allow for more scale and profitability while needing fewer employees.
⚡️ Updated june 2024
Case Studies
Here you can find some exciting success stories from brands such as Novafon, aunts&uncles and Greendoor. They show how I help optimise ad performance and increase shop revenue.
$18.000.000 per year (17.000.000€)
"Working with Levi and his team was a lot of fun and extremely effective. Levi and his team have been instrumental in helping us realise our growth plans in the area of paid social ads over the last two years."
Alexander Kauffmann
CEO at novafon.com
$26.000.000 per year (25.000.000€)
"We have been working successfully with Levi for 3 years now. We had no previous experience in the field of social ads. Thanks to the trusting cooperation, we are now on the verge of reaching the next major milestone. We greatly appreciate Levi's expertise and commitment."
Sven Scheurer
CEO at auntsanduncles.com
$3.600.000 per year (3.400.000€)
"We have not only achieved our goals, but have also clearly exceeded them. We still feel very well looked after, very personal and professional. To an even better, even more successful future in the online business."
Stefan Puchmayr
CEO at greendoor-naturkosmetik.de
"Levi is a motivated, forward thinking and also intelligent Online Marketer with lots of knowledge in his field. When you get to connect with him, you'll find an incredible person with unique skills! I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in Marketing execution. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking Online Marketer but also an inspiring team player. For Levi the job is always the most important thing to do. Very positive attitude towards work. He is an asset to any business."
Dervis Kilic
CEO Team Mania GmbH
"Great workshop on the topic of social media paid. With very helpful insights for campaign management."
Annette Fabisiewicz
E-Commerce Marketing, Hirmer GmbH & Co. KG
"Our collaboration with various media buying agencies over the years has provided us with considerable experience, yet our partnership with HOCH NEUN stands out as exceptional. The results they delivered from a profitability stand point were very impressive. They managed to scale our sales around a new product launch and beyond. Under Levi's leadership, the team prioritized profitability and tangible outcomes, employing a meticulous and strategic approach. The creative team deserves special recognition for their professionalism. They produced a diverse array of high-quality advertising creatives, which enabled us to explore various angles and messaging strategies effectively. Working with HOCH NEUN has been a great experience. Their dedication to delivering results and the caliber of their work were unparalleled. I would, without hesitation, recommend their services to those seeking excellence in media buying and creative strategy."
Georgiana Grudinschi
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